One Sheet

What can you make from one sheet of Plywood and not much else? I don't know, but if you come up with something, I want to see it.

I am hosting a competition of people that can create something from one sheet of plywood.

The rules:

You can use almost anything you want, but you will be judged based upon the sparcity of your design. Feel free to use fasteners, glues, hinges, hardware, etc. to complete your unique design. Designs will be judge on ingeniuty, use of the sheet, low cost, lack of use of other items, and of course the usefulness of final design.

To enter, send me an e-mail with a digital photo and some description of how the object was made. If you have a scan or photo of a sketch of how the sheet of plywood was cut, send it along.

Winners will receive prizes. My company, will be giving out crap from our unique inventory as well as gift cards from the home improvement store.