What I Do For Money

We all have a job. We all have some hobbies. Mine overlap a little bit. Did you know that I run an Internet company? Yup. My company sells all sorts of stuff that is embarrassing to buy at the store. Because of the unique nature of our company, I sometimes create some pretty strange sites to advertise our company.

Shop In Private
The site that started my Internet career. ShopInPrivate for anything that you wouldn't want to be seen buying in the store or pharmacy. This site is more entertaining to visit that any other drugstore.
My company is the world's leader in bachelorette party merchandise. We run the largest, most popular bachelorette party website. Another fun site to visit that solves the problem of being embarrassed buying items in a store that is uncomfortable to visit in person.
Sexual Positions Free
4 Million people a year visit this website. I guess it has become a fairly complete reference for different sexual positions. Also, it seems to work fairly well no matter what language you speak.
Forum Rejects.com
After a few failed attempts at getting a Penthouse Forum letter published, I finally decided to publish them myself on the Internet. I can't understand why they were rejected previously. I even used spell-check.
PriveCo Inc.
My company is called PriveCo. This is a link to our corporate web page which includes my press profile and our latest press releases.
Fad Diet.com
Before the internet, fad diets were passed around on badly photocopied slips of paper. With the onset of the 'net I created a web page that compiled some of the strangest fad diets.
Name That Sex Toy.com
An online game that tests your knowledge of sex toys and their names. It is strange at best.
Strange Products I've Described
Thanks for visiting my website. If you need me for a fun project, please contact me. I enjoy work that is fun.