Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement
I like to do volunteer work. One thing I really enjoy is Junior Achievement. For the last two years I have worked with 5th graders at a local elementary school. I come in for an hour or so at a time and teach them about business, marketing, and such.

I know that I may not run the most kid-friendly business in the world, so I don't tell them what I do, just that I run a warehouse company that ships items all over the world. The kids don't seem to ask to many questions because there is a lesson plan for each session.

The culmination of the class is to create a business idea and to make an ad for it. Each year I have created my own business idea and ad for the students. They really seem to like the effort and I usually make them somewhat fun. I decided to post this year's ad. I made this year's ad on Photoshop. It seemed like a waste not to share it.

The business idea was called "get in the game" and it was supposed to be a store in the mall that would digitize you and then replace your favorite video game character with your own likeness. The photo above shows me in the spiderman game. The kids thought it was the coolest idea and I had a great time presenting it.

Thanks for visiting my website. If you need me for a fun project, please contact me. I enjoy work that is fun.